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Asphalt Milling & Reclamation

Steed Paving is the CSRA’s trusted choice for superior asphalt paving solutions, including asphalt milling and reclamation. With more than 25 years of paving experience, we take pride in being at the forefront of innovation and excellence in asphalt paving, and we are committed to quality, sustainability, and customer service excellence.
Milling and reclamation are the processes used to remove old or damaged asphalt from the surface of a parking lot or other surface to prepare them for asphalt paving. Our paving experts can help determine which method is appropriate for your surface.
In addition to our services, Steed Paving offers asphalt millings for sale. Our high-quality millings serve various purposes, providing clients with versatile options for their paving needs. Whether for driveways, pathways, or construction projects, our asphalt millings stand as a testament to quality and reliability.


Our asphalt milling services are designed to breathe new life into worn-out or damaged surfaces. Asphalt milling involves the use of a specialized milling machine to grind the surface layer of asphalt to a particular depth. This method is commonly used in highway, roadway, and substantial commercial projects, especially when the foundation materials remain in sound condition.
Equipped with cutting-edge machinery, our paving experts remove the old asphalt layer with precision and attention to detail. The milling process not only ensures a smooth base for surface and binder repaving but also contributes to the overall longevity and durability of the surface.


Our reclamation process involves the pulverizing and mixing of all asphalt layers along with a specified depth of the current base material, resulting in a solid and reliable paving surface. This process utilizes materials solely from the existing roadway or parking lot, making it an extremely cost-effective solution for repairing and preparing the base material. To create a consistent, bonded, and compacted base for paving, binding agents are introduced into the blended asphalt and base material. This eco-friendly approach minimizes waste and maximizes resources.

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